We are an experienced and professional company. Serving Reno and surrounding Northern Nevada areas for the past 35 years.

Our services include:

New Construction


Commercial and residential remodeling

Water Heaters

You can also use our services for clogged shower drains, blocked drain pipes, clogged kitchen sinks, installation and maintenance of toilets and water heaters, unclogging a drain, pipe replacement, faucet repair, and garbage disposal repair.

All services are available at a reasonable rate. We provide both commercial and residential services. Licensed to work on manufactured homes, we also offer leak location and video inspections.

Our personalized approach toward our work has made us one of the most favored service providers in Reno, Nevada, and the surrounding areas. We are equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Customer satisfaction is our priority. For emergency service, call our experts directly at 775-972-0870.

Absolutly, we can help with that.

Plumbing near me
Plumber near me

Plumbing maintenance

Maintaining your plumbing is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the uninterrupted flow of clean water into your home. Secondly, regular plumbing maintenance prevents costly and inconvenient water leaks. Thirdly, it safeguards your health by eliminating potential waterborne contaminants. Neglecting plumbing can result in dire consequences. A simple leak, if left unattended, can escalate…


Water Heaters

Water Heaters are essential for cold weather conditions. We keep updated with the latest technology and equipment in the market. We offer modern and safe water heater installations. Traditionally, you get storage tank-type water heaters in Northern Nevada. They are used in both the commercial sector and households in the residential sector. With technological advancement,…

Plumber near me


If you want to renovate your house, you should hire only professionals. We are specialized in complete house remodeling including bath and custom kitchen remodeling. Your bathroom is your most private space. Good mornings start in beautiful bathrooms. Friendly Plumbing will create a luxurious bathroom for you with all the modem fittings and amenities. Our…


Plumbing Repairs

If plumbing maintenance is not done on a regular basis, you can end up paying heavily for plumbing repairs. We specialize in commercial plumbing repair, and home plumbing repair and also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing repair. You can call our plumber any time for leaks, bursts, overflows, etc. Our trained staff can also help you…

New Construction

Are you planning to build a new home? You need to make sure that the basics of the structure are correct. Good plumbing is essential to any new construction. You should only hire experts to perform your vital plumbing jobs. Friendly Plumbing excels in new construction plumbing. We charge reasonable prices and offer quality plumbing…

Make your summer memorable

No one wants brown grass! Call us, we are friendly and want to help you set up your sprinkler systems, put in those swamp coolers, and even spice up your patio with a gas fire pit. We are here to help make your summer the most memorable.Also, don’t forget to Like Us On Facebook! Thank You,Friendly…

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Although it may not seem like it, the weather will be cooling down. Avoid any unwanted leaks and damage by winterizing your pipes. Remember to disconnect any outdoor hoses and turn off your automatic sprinkler systems. If you have any questions or need help feel free to give us a call! We would love to…

Avoid Frozen Pipes

Just a Friendly Reminder from Friendly Plumbing, If you are in a manufactured home make sure to leave your faucets at a slow drip to avoid your pipes from freezing.Snow is here so make sure you winterize all your summer toys, especially toy haulers, fifth wheels, and trailers if you haven’t yet.If you have any…

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